Gigs For Good: Support Diverse Talent Nationwide

Gigs as a pathway, not a destination

Gigs for Good provides highly motivated diverse and first-generation college students with opportunities to work on professional, paid, short-term assignments.
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40% of all recent college graduates are under- or unemployed;
first generation and underrepresented college students are particularly impacted.

Too many of America’s underserved groups are either unemployed or underemployed—even if they have a college education. The lack of a pathway from college to career is a major contributor to the economic insecurity that continues to plague these disenfranchised communities.


Un- and underemployment doesn’t just hurt these would-be workers now; it can depress their earnings for years into the future due to the lack of opportunity to gain professional work experience, make professional connections, and develop skills.


In spite of corporate diversity hiring initiatives, these degree holders are often overlooked because they don’t have the right academic pedigree, connections, accent or skin color.



Students from underrepresented backgrounds often lack social capital, access to opportunities, and financial resources to succeed.

We believe gigs can lead to jobs, not replace them.

The private sector has enormous power to create opportunity. One way to do it is by dramatically growing access to short-term professional opportunities.

Business leaders can make good on their promise of corporate social responsibility by providing pathways to good, full-time jobs for these qualified college students through gigs.

Through these gigs, or Micro-Internships, students see a clear pathway from college to career.



Gigs For Good expands access to professional roles, creates opportunities that build confidence, and overcomes financial and situational constraints.

Provide equitable access to professional opportunities.

Short-term, professional assignments offer an effective pathway to long-term career opportunities and are a proven means for these students to gain hands-on professional experiences, connect with employers, and explore career paths.


Gigs For Good is a cost-effective and scalable way for companies to provide these types of opportunities for highly-motivated college students from underrepresented populations, while also supporting existing campus recruiting efforts.



Gigs For Good helps students gain professional experience, connect with employers, and explore career paths.


Designed to develop and demonstrate Core Skills

Though real, professional experiences, students showcase their competencies in communication, problem solving, grit, and other Core Skills.

Become a Corporate Sponsor and make a lifelong impact

Impact 100+ students with Gigs for Good and stand amongst the ranks of innovative companies building the workforce of the future.





Real Students. Real Impact.

I went from not being able to attain a single opportunity, let alone an interview, to having over 10 interviews and a handful of full-time job offers. I used this newly acquired confidence to land a full-time position when I graduate from Texas A&M University this upcoming May 2019 with my Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering. This was all in one year. One year! It is insane for me to think how much my life changed with the right opportunity. I never would have imagined all this being possible. For me, the college-to-career transition had been one of the most difficult challenges in my life, but thanks to such a unique idea and well-designed platform, I was able to not only grow as a person but also as a professional.
Dell Scholar at Texas A&M
I applied for maybe two or three projects that I thought I might be interested in, and one of the projects was with M. Holland. I worked in their credit department and I was going to help them with some credit reviews. I was supposed to work for them for two weeks, which is what I thought the project was going to be, but they ended up extending it for a month. A month became three months, and at the end of the three months, they were saying, ‘We like the work you’re doing. You seem to understand everything that is happening. We would like you to interview for a full-time job.’ And so I ended up becoming a full-time employee. Without the Micro-Internship, I would have never considered the company.
Columbia College
In 2017, Talent Acquisition Manager for M.Holland, Greg Watkins, discovered Micro-Internships as an innovative way to get temporary project support for his finance and supply chain teams. Though the company traditionally looked for more experienced professionals, they recognized a need to bring on junior employees who could learn and grow with the company as more Baby Boomers retire. Launching a Micro-Internship program was simple utilizing Parker Dewey, a network of college students,  recent graduates, and companies that post project needs, set their price, review applicants and then select who they want to work with.
Illinois Tech

Gigs for Good is a Win-Win:

Positively impact students while showcasing your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 




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as part of its commitment to ensuring equitable access to professional careers.